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Stuff for the Modern Cave Dweller

Illuminated / Neon Signs

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Big Daddy's Garage Illuminated Sign

from $31.99

Neon & illuminated signs are a great way to brighten up your man space & give it some character!!

Many of the neon signs as shown below are manufactured in Hong Kong / China, they are excellent quality, good value for money & available via Ebay or Amazon.

Neon Signs  Prices shown below do not include shipping costs

Live Nudes Neon Sign

from $119.99

CHEERS! Neon Sign

from $69.99

Mopar Neon Sign

from $173.99

Bud Light Neon Sign

from $98.00




Happy Hour Neon Sign

from $59.99

Budweiser Neon Sign

from $98.00


from $59.40

It's 5:00 Somewhere Neon Sign

from $102.99



Car / Open Neon Sign

from $30.39

Shelby Cobra Neon Sign

from $30.39

Used Cars Neon Sign

from $89.99

Open Diner Neon Sign

from $102.60


 & Many More!!..... Click HERE to view all neon signs for sale via Ebay


A neon sign is a lighting display made of glass tubes that have been filled with a gas and bent into the shape of letters or decorative designs. When a high-voltage electrical current is passed through the gas, the tubes emit light.

Although neon gas was originally used in these signs, several other gases are also used. These gases, along with different tints and phosphor coatings for the glass tubes, produce a spectrum of over 50 brilliant colors.

Neon signs can be as simple as a small advertising sign for beer, or as complex as a multi-story facade on a Las Vegas casino


Pool Shark Neon Sign

from $129.99

OPEN Neon Sign

from $31.99

Red Lips Neon Sign

from $99.99

Cocktails & Dreams Neon Sign

from $139.99


USA Flag Neon Sign

from $75.99

Rock & Roll Neon Sign

from $49.99

Paradise Neon Sign

from $76.66

Sexy Lady Neon Sign

from $89.99


Route 66 LED Sign

from $39.99


from $24.99

Bar Open LED / Neon Sign

from $32.90

Coca Cola Clock Neon Sign

from $105.48


Chevrolet Service Neon Sign

from $31.91

Ford Parts Neon Sign

from $32.90

Texaco Neon Sign

from $34.99

Shelby Cobra Neon Sign

from $39.51

 & Many More!!..... Click HERE to view all neon signs for sale via Amazon


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