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Pool / billiards tables come in all shapes & sizes & as there is no 'standard' size the main consideration before purchasing is the space you have available for it.

If you are serious about the game you will want to choose a slate bed model with a slate thickness of 1", these are more expensive than the lighter tables which can have a bed of fiberboard or plywood & are prone to distortion over time, but are great for the odd knockabout or the kids to play on.

Here are a few suggestions of tables in various price ranges that you might consider suitable for your retreat.

Antique Pool / Billiard Tables  

Various tables available via Ebay with prices ranging from around $1,000 to $50,000





New Pool / Billiard Tables   Prices shown below do not include shipping costs

Billiard / Pool Table. 8' with Auto Ball Return System & Complete Accessory Set. from $1299.00

Brunswick 8' Danbury Pool Table with Contender Play Package Accessories. from $3394.99

1965 Ford Mustang Collectors Edition Pool Table.

from $9995,00

Harvil Beachcomber Pool Table 84" Complete with Accessories.

from $849.00

Brunswick 8-Foot Danbury Pool Table

 Click HERE to view all pool billiard tables for sale via Amazon


Pool / billiards cues & sticks come in various qualities & prices, but a general point to consider is that two piece cues are almost always a step up from a one piece cue... one-piece cues are primarily used in bars and pool halls because they are too big to walk out with.

For beginners we would recommend a 20 / 21 ounce cue as it may be easier to get a better spin on the cue ball, but it also increases the risk of miscues due to its weight. 18 / 19 ounce cues are good for skilled experienced & professional players as a more accurate stroke is required.

As a rule with pool cues, you do tend get what you pay for & the more expensive ones are made from hard wood which increases longevity & are not prone to warping.

Pool / Billiard Cues & Sticks   Prices shown below do not include shipping costs

Various New & Used Pool Cues available via Ebay.

Click image to see prices

TaiBa Professional 2 Piece Pool Cue & Hard Case. 13mm Tip, 58", Hardwood Canadian Maple.

from $58,99

B Earth Set of 6 Pool Cues 2-Piece, 57 Inches, Screw-on Tips.

from $91,99

Set of 4 Pool Cues, New, 58", Recommended, Great Value.

from $66,49

 Click HERE to view all pool billiard cues / sticks for sale via Amazon


Standard pool / billiard balls have a diameter of 2.5 inches and weight of 5.5 to 6 oz., these are used in competition and what you should really buy for home use. Smaller balls are available, but generally only advised for less than regulation size tables where space is minimal or for kids to play with.

Originally billiard balls were made from clay, wood, and even ivory, nowadays the best material for pool billiard balls is phenolic resin, but there are also less expensive ones made of various polyesters and clear acrylics. The material the ball is made of will directly affect the price, so if you are looking to buy in the low to mid price range, polyester or acrylic balls might be a better choice.

Pool / Billiard Ball Sets & Triangles   Prices shown below do not include shipping costs

Boxed Set Pool Billiard Balls, Art Number Style

from $18,99

Aramith 2.25" Regulation Crown Standard Pool Billiard Balls Set.

from $98,00

Sets of Vintage & Antique Pool Billiard Balls For Sale via Ebay.

Various Prices

Felson Mahogany Finish Pool Billiards Triangle & Diamond Set

from $12,99

 Click HERE to view all pool billiard balls & triangles for sale via Amazon


Pool / billiard cue & ball racks are an essential part of your pool / billiards set up, you can choose between wall mounted or free standing racks in a variety of materials, finishes & colors

Pool / Billiard Ball & Cue Racks   Prices shown below do not include shipping costs

Cue Rack Only - 6 Pool Cue Wall Rack Made of Wood, Black Finish

from $42,45

Iszy Billiards 8 Stick & Ball Corner Rack Only with Scorer.

from $52,45

Hj Scott 6-CUE Wall Mounted Cue Rack, Cherry or Black.

$from 11,95

Rush Creek Creations Handmade Pine 6 Billiard Cue / Ball Rack Only.

from $52,81

 Click HERE to view all pool cue & billiard ball racks for sale via Amazon


You will need a variety of additional accessories to complete your set up. A lamp to spread even light over the table so shadows are not created by the ball is important, as is a cover to protect the table if you like to indulge in a few drinks with friends from time to time!! & don't forget the essential chalk.

Pool / Billiard Accessories   Prices shown below do not include shipping costs

Pool Table Covers in Various Sizes, Materials & Colors.

Prices starting from from $12,00

Pool / Billiard Table Lighting, Large Choice of Styles & Colors.

Prices starting from around $60,00

Cue Tip Care Products - 3 in 1 Scuffer, Shaper, Aerator

Various Prices from $10.00

Pool Billiards Cue Chalk & Powder Products.

Prices from $6,99

Click HERE to view all pool billiard accessories for sale via Amazon


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